Blythecon Play&Party
Paris Edition
September 14th 2024

53 AV. DES TERROIRS DE FRANCE , 75012 PARIS / Théâtre du Merveilleux ,Musee des Arts Forains

Vendor conditions


Please read carefully if you submit the vendor application, it means you accept the full Conditions.

  • Items for sell must be from the selected vendor only (If you are a Multi brand shop, you must write us and describe the Items you plan to sell. P&P team will discuss)
  • Collaboration are allowed between the selected vendors only.
  • Vendor fees are non-refundable, non-transferable if the vendor decide to cancel their participation.
  • Items for sell must be visibly priced
  • Auctions are not permitted during the event
  • Vendor spaces must be attended at all times by the vendor and/or assistant when merchandise is present.
  • Helper / Assistant are allowed during the public open hours only, helpers are not allowed during the set up, you will have 2 hours and half to arrange your vendor space (exceptions can be made by the criteria of the organizers).
  • If you are selling customized dolls, the base used must be visibly described.
  • Fakes, factory, recast dolls are not allowed for sell.
  • No Pre-sales are allowed, sales are only permited when the attendance are inside the venue (if you bring something for a Vendor friend, you can arrange a meeting the day before or after the event to exchange any items, not during the set up).
  • Play&Party Team and the Venue are not responsible for any loss, theft or damage to your display and/or merchandise.
  • please be respectful at the venue, you can enjoy the space and take as many pictures as you wish but you are not allowed to touch or put the dolls over the Items.

Vendor Fee Includes:

  • Admission to the Event
  • Vendor Space / to be determinate (email will be sent early next year )
  • 1 chairs if you will have a helper please let us know to provide another chair
  • 1 goodiebag
  • 2 Raffle tickets
  • Bottle of water
  • Lunch Snack
  • Paris souvenir
  • The vendor fee price is 210 €

You can request a double vendor space but we don’t guarantee availability .

Helper/assistant need to buy a Normal Entry ticket.

In case of been selected a paypal invoice will be sent.

You can request to share a Table but the price per vendor will be the same; you are paying to have the right to be a vendor at the event.

Vendor space measure / to be determinate
(Email will be send to the vendor with the measure early next year or before )